You Have To Hear What Prince William Told His Mom After Her Title Was Rebuked

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Prince William was 14-years old when Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorced. After it was finalized, drama ensued not only with the British people, but inside Buckingham Palace.

As Pop Sugar reports, Queen Elizabeth II wanted to let Diana keep the title “her royal highness,” but Prince Charles was adamant she drop it. Rather than “her royal highness,” she later became “Diana, Princess of Wales.”

Because of this, Diana had to curtsy to those who had the title — an act the rest of the world did for her prior. She even had to curtsy for her own children!

But here’s the sweet part…

At the time, Prince William was said to have comforted Diana after she lost the title by saying, “Don’t worry, Mummy, I will give it back to you one day when I am king.”

How sweet is that?!

Tragically, he was never able to do it while she was alive as she died in a car crash just a year later.

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