Steve Harvey Skipped His Own Staff Party Following Shocking Memo Leak

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This week, a memo Steve Harvey had sent out to his staff for the start of season 5 of his former talk show was leaked to the press. It was later confirmed by his people that it was real.

Apparently, the host isn’t apologizing for the memo, which basically set boundaries with his staff on when, where, and how to approach him, citing it was for the importance of his personal and emotional wellbeing.

However, Steve did skip his own wrap party in Chicago so he wouldn’t have to talk to anyone, reports Page Six.

Steve didn’t apologize for the memo in an interview with Entertainment Tonight (why should he?!), saying that his dressing room was like a prison and he always needs “privacy.”

Steve’s show will no longer be filming in Chicago, so the wrap party marked the end of it being a central coast production. Instead, it will be moving to Los Angeles to become a whole new series with a whole new team. Some say the memo was leaked by a bitter staff member who wasn’t hired to come back.

“Steve is not going to his own wrap party Thursday night . . . After that memo, he’d be stood on his own in the corner. He used to be such a nice guy,” a source said to Page Six.

If a man can’t trust his own staff with keeping a memo internal, we say to heck with it. Welcome to LA, Steve!

Read the memo HERE.

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