So Many Shows Were Canceled This Season, Here’s Why:

With the competition of online streaming, networks are doing serious spring cleaning of under-performed shows, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Thankfully, EW provided a list of all the axed shows with a pretty good reason why they got the boot. Check it out:


Timeless (NBC)
Seasons: 1
Ratings: 8 million viewers; 2.1 demo (average during the season including DVR)
Arguably the cancellation which prompted the most distress from fans online — and the most hope of landing somewhere else. At first glance, the axing looks unfair — 8 million viewers! — but ratings dropped sharply during the season. The show being owned by an outside studio (Sony) instead of NBC hurt its odds too (ownership has been a major factor in a lot of decision making this year). We’re hearing it’s still possible the time-travel drama could be rescued by another network, so stay tuned.

Emerald City (NBC)
Seasons: 1
Ratings: 4.7 million viewers; 1.3 demo
The oft-delayed fantasy tried to mix the Land of Oz with some Game of Thrones vibes, but even a wizard couldn’t save it.

Powerless (NBC)
Seasons: 1
Ratings: 2.9 million viewers; 1.0 demo
DC Comics went for a superhero-themed series that was a comedy (instead of a drama) and about ordinary people (instead of superheroes). So… yeah.


APB (Fox)
Seasons: 1
Rating: 5.1 million viewers; 1.2 demo
With that ultra generic title and lack of star names, this cop drama had a very tough time getting buzz.

Making History (Fox)
Seasons: 1
Ratings: 1.8 million viewers; 0.8 demo
Time-travel shows were one of the clearest trends of the 2016-17 season, but all three met the same fate, including this comedy (the third was ABC’s Time After Time, canceled earlier this year).

Pitch (Fox)
Seasons: 1
Ratings: 4.7 million; 1.4 in demo
There was once a faint glimmer of hope for this well-regarded baseball drama coming back in the fall, but it struck out anyway.

Rosewood (Fox)
Seasons: 2
Ratings: 4.3 million viewers; 1.0 demo
Struggled to stay aloft as well as its forensic crime drama predecessor Bones. Managed a renewal last season, but not this time.

Sleepy Hollow (Fox)
Seasons: 4
Ratings: 3.3 million viewers; 0.9 demo
If a drama survives its first couple seasons, it’s typically got a good shot a lasting a few more. But Sleepy Hollow has long struggled to find a stable groove — starting strong its debut season, then undergoing creative overhauls as ratings kept falling. Fox would have loved to keep it going, but this year’s numbers gave the network little choice.

Son of Zorn (Fox)
Seasons: 1
Ratings: 3.2 million viewers; 1.4 in demo
Ratings were the same for this live action/animation hybrid as the renewed Last Man on Earth — but without the critical accolades, which made all the difference.


American Crime (ABC)
Seasons: 3
Ratings: 3.2 million viewers; 0.7 demo
By the numbers, this was a no-brainer — this is well below the line for a broadcast drama series. But American Crime was a tough call due to all those Emmy nominations, it’s the type of recognition broadcast networks struggle to get nowadays when cable and streaming networks dominate award shows. Ultimately, the ratings math was too brutal.

The Catch (ABC)
Seasons: 2
Ratings: 4.6 million viewers; 1.0 rating
It’s not every day ABC cancels a Shonda Rhimes drama, but The Catch never gelled with viewers despite a creative overhaul to become more of a rom-com (ABC also announced that next season will be the final edition of Scandal).

Last Man Standing (ABC)
Seasons: 6
Ratings: 8.1 million; 1.6 demo
One of the few veteran shows on a list full of freshman and sophomore titles, Tim Allen’s comedy has been a bubble show for years, keeping under the radar by filling a tough slot on Friday nights. It’s luck finally ran out.

Dr. Ken (ABC)
Seasons: 2
Ratings: 5.1 million viewers, 1.1
Given that Dr. Ken and Last Man Standing were both axed, we suspect ABC has something entirely different than comedies planned for that Friday night hour leading into Shark Tank next season. Networks reveal their schedules next week so we shall see…

Imaginary Mary (ABC)
Seasons: 1
Ratings 3.6 million viewers; 1.0
We’re pretty sure this was a real show.

The Real O’Neals (ABC)
Seasons: 2
Ratings: 3.7 million viewers; 1.2 rating
Unofficially dead for a while now.

The CW

Frequency (The CW)
Seasons: 1
Ratings: 1.5 million viewers; 0.4 demo
Maybe star Peyton List’s CBS drama pilot, Mission Control, will get picked up to series?

No Tomorrow (The CW)
Seasons: 1
Ratings: 1 million viewers; 0.3 demo
As the lowest-rated show on this list, No Tomorrow never stood a chance.

Also, check out EW’s Deathwatch predictions of what they think is to come for future shows.

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