LOL This Starbucks Barista Urges You Not To Buy The Unicorn Frappaccino

Credit: Twitter

Literally everyone’s talking about the Unicorn Frappaccino, and if we were to review the product based on Twitter posts alone, we’d say that it’s fun to hold but bad to taste (like a unicorn, we guess?).

Anyway, while we might have fun holding it, some Starbucks baristas say it is NOT fun to make.

Braden Burson is one of those baristas.

“Today, it came out, and I have to tell you, PLEASE DON’T GET IT,” Burson said in a video on Twitter, which seems to have been deleted since. “I have never been so stressed out in my entire life, it has been insane! I have unicorn crap all in my hair and on my nose. If you love us, as baristas, DON’T ORDER IT! It’s so difficult to make! And people were coming in, left and right, drive thru and in the front! So, for the love of God and everything that is good: Don’t. Get. The. Unicorn. Frappuccino.”

Apparently, the frap is made with a sweet dusting of pink powder with mango syrup and a sour blue drizzle.

Of course, once Braden’s video went viral he ended up telling the Associated Press: “It’s a great drink. But it is difficult to make when there are like 20 fraps all at once both front and drive thru.”

Reddit also has a page called “Save a Barista” with a meme reading, “Save a barista, order an Americano.”

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