Guess Who’s The Newest Colonel Sanders???

Photo Credit: Twitter/KFC

We know what you’re thinking- just who IS that in the “Colonel Sanders in a Spacesuit” costume? Well, wait no longer. It’s Rob Lowe!

The actor is the latest star to don the classic white suit to portray the beloved KFC mascot in an ad promoting the Zinger spicy chicken sandwich in America. In this version, “The Colonel” sports some astronaut gear to parody JFK’s “Moon” speech in reference to his attempt to launch the brand new sandwich into space. Check out the hilarious ad below:

Video Credit: YouTube/KFC

Several other celebrities have played the famous KFC founder, including Darrell Hammond, Norm Macdonald, Jim Gaffigan, and Billy Zane.

KFC announced that the ad will debut on Sunday, and the sandwich, a double hand-breaded and fried chicken breast on a sesame seed bun, will debut on Monday at participating restaurants in the United States.





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