Ed Sheeran Totally Lied About That Saoirse Ronan Tattoo Joke!

Photo Credit: Twitter/Entertainment Tonight

On Wednesday we brought you the story about how Saoirse Ronan purposely wrote “Galway Grill” instead of “Galway Girl” for Ed Sheeran’s memento tattoo, but today we find out he’s just a liar liar pants on fire!

During an interview on Capital FM radio, Ed was asked about the tattoo’s story, and decided to fess up. He said:

“Yeah, I mean, it’s not actually what I said it was, it was planned for the video. She didn’t play the prank on me.”


He continued:

“Basically the video is from my point of view, Saoirse takes me into tattoo parlour. She was meant to write down Galway Girl, and then I was like, it’s gonna be funny if you write something different and then she came up with Galway Grill. And then we had it done. I think it’s just funnier to say the story as, she f**ked the tattoo up, but that isn’t actually the story.”

This isn’t Ed’s first go-round with bs stories, having been involved in the tall tale about the scar on his face being from Princess Beatrice cutting him with a sword.

Ok, Ed. If it happens again, you’re grounded!


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