Mexican Superstar Thalia (Tommy Mottola’s Wife) is Being Sued For Diva-Like Behavior

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Tommy Mottola must have a thing for divas. After all, he was married to the biggest diva of them all (which is why we love her) Mariah Carey.

Now, he’s married to Mexican superstar Thalia, who is being accused of acting like a diva in order to get out of a contract.

The singer is being sued over a 20-year deal with EDF Brands to license products in her native country. They claim she blew off promotional duties and insisted on a staggering $120,000 travel budget beyond the bounds of their contract, reports Page Six.

For only two days, she is said to have demanded a private plane from New York to Mexico City, a hotel, security, hair/makeup, and a stylist.

“Within months of entering into the agreement … Thalia demands a $65,000 plane to fly her to Mexico and [then] threatens through her attorneys to terminate the agreement,” EDF’s attorney, Andrew R. Goldenberg, told Page Six. The 45-year old singer also received a $150,000 advance and stood to make million of dollars had she “honored her promised to promote her brand” at events and through social media.

However, Thalia’s people say she didn’t dishonor any obligations at all.

The counterclaim alleges Thalia-branded fashions being sold didn’t receive her final approval, as required. They also say that they weren’t up to snuff quality-wise.

“[N]o product or product category could be sold, and no use of Thalia’s name or image in advertising and promotional materials could occur, unless and until the licensee received the requisite approvals from licensor,” Thalia’s attorney, Brad D. Rose, said to Page Six

Rose continued: “EDF went so far as to crudely superimpose a headshot of Thalia on the body of a different model with a discernibly different skin tone.” He also said Thalia “complains that the product does not meet the quality standard she wants. But her fans in Mexico don’t agree. Sales were strong from the outset.”

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