Did TheBlaze’s Tomi Lahren Lie About Being Fired? The Blaze Says So

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If you watch TheBlaze, you will know exactly who Tomi Lahren is. She’s the outspoken conservative commentator (with over 4 million Facebook followers) that is pro-Trump and diehard about her beliefs.

Well, recently she gave an interview that is having people at TheBlaze perplexed.

First, she went on ABC’s Nightline this week and claimed she was fired by TheBlaze (which is owned by fellow conservative Glenn Beck). Not only that, she also said later she doesn’t have access to her Facebook page anymore, as TheBlaze blocked her.

But according to a spokesperson for multi-platform channel, that is anything but true:

“It’s official: We are now as confused as Tomi seems to be,” they said to Page Six. “It’s not every day that a current employee sues for being fired, but then gives an interview asking to be fired.”

During an appearance on The View, Tomi also said in spite of her conservative views, she’s a firm believer that the government should never be able to decide what women can do with their bodies.

She also sent a message on Facebook a few days after her appearance (even though she said she was blocked).

And on Nightline, she said: “My job is my life. This is my life. Without that, I feel lost . . . When your outlet is taken away from you and you don’t understand why and you’re so disappointed and you’re so blindsided, it hurts,” referring to her firing.

Meanwhile, TheBlaze responded: “For the record, Tomi has had, and continues to have, access to the Facebook account in question. None of this makes sense.”

We’re confused, too!

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