Howard Stern Reached Out to Bob Harper After His Heart Attack, What Did He Say?

When Biggest Loser personal trainer Bob Harper had a heart attack, he received love from all sorts of people, including Howard Stern of all people!

In an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Bob spoke with Andy Cohen about how it all went down.

“Howard Stern. Him and [his wife] Beth, they reached out to me,” Bob said. “Then Howard sent me a video of naked men doing yoga. Beth was like, ‘You’re gonna give him another heart attack!’ I love him.”

He also said he heard from nearly everyone on Biggest Loser, who gave him well wishes.

“When I heard that you had cardiac arrest I didn’t know that meant that you technically died,” Cohen said.

“I technically died,” Harper replied. “There was a piece of paper from the doctor that said, ‘Cause of death: cardiac arrest.’ That’s a wake up call!” He later recalled: “I fainted one time in the gym, I started having these dizzy spells and I just kind of overlooked them. [I] just adapted, which was just the dumbest [thing to do]. I kicked myself over and over again about that.”

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