Ah! Here’s the First Look at Disney World’s Pandora — The Magical World of Avatar

Courtesy: VisitPandora.com

Disney World is pulling all the stops as it slowly edges its way into the 21st century with Star Wars and Pandora being premiere sections of the park — and from the looks of it, we never want to leave Pandora!

Now we can’t wait to go to Disney World, and thankfully Disney knew it, which is why they gave us a sneak peek into Pandora. And it’s breathtaking…

Avatar 2 is set to come out December 2018, while Avatar 3 is set to come out in 2020.

Pandora itself isn’t open to the public until May 27th, but ABC’s Paula Farris got a special tour from James Cameron: the man who created the world!

Bad Chapek, chairman of Disney Parks and Resorts, also said in a statement: “I think the thing I’m most excited about right now to experience would be everything in Pandora. From the place-making to the two extraordinary attractions that will be in the land – both the Na’vi River Journey as well as Avatar Flight of Passage – these promise to set new high-watermarks for our experiential magic we give our guests.”

And to make things even better, Pandora is going to have its own cuisine — like the Na’vi blueberry cheesecake! Forget about it.

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