Woah, Mark Wahlberg Lands $10 Million Deal With AT&T!

FameflyNet Pictures

Cellphone companies are vying for celebrities to sell their products, and they’re offering heavy change. The latest A-lister to cash in on that paycheck is Mark Wahlberg, who according to Page Six has landed a $10 million deal with AT&T to be its new spokesman.

Taylor Swift also landed a major deal with AT&T, which is why she performed a show before the Super Bowl exclusively for AT&T subscribers.

Of course, with the signing of Mark and Taylor, AT&T is now competing with Verizon’s Jamie Foxx and Ricky Gervais, and T-Mobile’s Justin Bieber, Rob Gronkowski, and recently Ariana Grande.

“This is an all-out celebrity mobile war,” an insider said. “The competition is so fierce, and the stakes keep getting bigger, that the mobile networks are spending more and more money to outdo the rest. How far can this go?”

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