Constance Wu Is Not Happy w/Casey Affleck’s Oscar Nom! 


It didn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Casey Affleck was nominated for an Oscar for Manchester by the Sea, but Fresh Off the Boat star Constance Wu broke her silence about it on Twitter and stood up for not only women, but sexual assault victims across the board.

Back in 2010, two women accused Casey of sexual harassment while working on the film I’m Still Here. Allegedly, he called women “cows” and ordered a crew member to expose himself as a joke. Another accusation said he had joked with cinematographer Magdalena Gorka that she would have sex with a camera assistant, and that she woke up in bed to find Casey stroking her back.

These cases were settled out of court, and for the record, Casey denies all of these accusations and eventually countersued.

But none of this stopped Constance from going in last night on the Manchester star:

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